Voluntary Drug Recall: Manufacturer GSK announced a 3 lot number recall for Ventolin 4/5/17

Affected lot # are:




There is NO contamination or damage to canister or delivery device itself.

The package if affected will appear over puffy before opening.

The recall is due to a possible small leak of drug from some canisters into the wrapper thus affecting # of doses left to deliver and accuracy of remaining doses.

We have spoken directly with GSK and they recommend that patients with these lot # follow the steps below:

    • Check to confirm the lot # and inspect the packaging.


  • Contact GSK at 1-888-825-5249 then follow prompts to “product compliant” and expect to be on hold 10-30 mins, that representative will in turn speak to a customer rep who will gather your specific information and get that patient specific data routed to the team handling getting replacement drug to each patients’ pharmacy for pick up.
  • Delays can include pharmacy supplies on hand and the pharmacy supplier warehouses supplies vs. public demand so it could take a few days to weeks to get that replacement.
  • Once you determine the period of delay and if your only rescue inhaler is from this Ventolin lot number, please contact your pharmacy for a new rescue inhaler (this will be subject to insurance formularies, co pay and out of pocket rules of your insurance), and if needed they can contact our office (if a change in brand is be required) to get you an inhaler quickly. Then your formal replacement will arrive by the steps above at a later time.