Based on a study performed in our offices last year, in addition to studies at several other centers across the country, our approach to influenza vaccination in egg allergic patients has changed:

  • Skin testing with influenza vaccine is no longer necessary;


  • Egg allergic patients who have never had a systemic reaction to egg or tolerate egg in baked goods can safely receive influenza vaccination;


  • Egg allergic patients with a history of a systemic reaction to egg e.g. hives, wheezing, decreased blood pressure or loss of consciousness should make an appointment with their physician to discuss vaccination;


  • Egg allergic patients should remain in the office for at least 30 minutes after influenza vaccine injection for observation;
  • We realize these are major changes for egg allergic patients vs. what’s been done in the past.  If you are uncomfortable or worried about receiving the influenza vaccination in light of these new guidelines, we would encourage you to make an appointment and discuss with your health care provider.

Flu shot egg allergy algorithm 2011