eBars LLC is issuing a voluntary recall of its bars due to potential undeclared peanut and/or almond allergens.

Visit FARE’s Allergy Alert page to read the full alert.


Affected Allergens: Peanut and Tree Nut (Almonds)
Company: eBars LLC
Product:  MAN Chocolate Almond, WOMAN Dark Chocolate Berry, RUN Dark Cocoa Raspberry, RUN Chocolate Almond, TRIM Chocolate Almond, TRIM Dark Cocoa Raspberry, GOLF Chocolate Almond, GOLF Dark Cocoa Raspberry, FOCUS Chocolate Peanut, FOCUS4KIDS Sunflower Seed Chocolate, FIT Organic Peanut Butter Chocolate Raspberry, HEAL Chocolate Peanut, DIABETIC Chocolate Berry Crunch
Affected States: Nationwide