Pollen Count



The tree pollens are past their peak numbers for 2014, but will still show up in low to moderate levels.  Grass will be on the increase now.  Grass pollen is full of starch, and is heavy.  This time of year, it does not always get high enough in the air to get to our sampler. However, once we have seen grass in our sample, we know that it is present every dry day until the end of July.

Some people are noticing pollen accumulating on their cars or car windshields.  If you  are parking under or near fir or hemlock trees ,they are the likely source, since they are pollenating now and their pollen grains are very large and tend to just fall to the ground.



Pollen Count Rating Predominant Pollen
Trees: 82 Moderate 71% Birch, 5% Cedar/Juniper, 13%Alder, 10% Ash
Low: 1 – 50         Moderate: 51 – 199       High: 200-599       Very High: over 600
Grasses: 2 Low
Low: 1 - 5            Moderate: 6-14            High: 15-30            Very High: over 30
Weeds:  0  Absent
Low 1-2.9             Moderate 3 – 9           High 10-20             Very High = over 20

What these ratings mean:


No symptoms.


Only individuals extremely sensitive to these pollens will experience symptoms.


Many individuals sensitive to these pollens will experience symptoms


Most individuals with any sensitivity to these pollens will experience symptoms.

Very High

Almost all individuals with any sensitivity at all to these pollens will experience symptoms. Extremely sensitive people could have severe problems.