Pollen count for 2017  begins today.  This year we predict about 2 weeks delay comparing to  the pollen  count done in previous years.

Springtime is one of pollen seasons  for allergy sufferers.

Weather has significant effects on pollen release. The most pollen will be released on warm, dry, sunny, and windy days.  Allergy symptoms may be more  bothersome on these days.

Cold temperature and high humidity delay pollen release, and rainfall cleans the pollen out of the air.

During February, cold wintery weather is common, and this will shut down pollen release.

Pollen count will be posted  daily between 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Pollen Count Rating   Predominant Pollen
Trees:  19 Absent  Cedar/Juniper, Hazelnut
Low: 1 – 50         Moderate: 51 – 199       High: 200-599       Very High: over 600
Grasses: 0 Absent
Low: 1 – 4            Moderate: 5 – 9          High: 10 – 18            Very High: over 18
Weeds: 0 Absent
Low 1-2.9             Moderate 3 – 9           High 10-20             Very High = over 20

What these ratings mean:

Absent: No symptoms. Low: Only individuals extremely sensitive to these pollens will experience symptoms. Moderate: Many individuals sensitive to these pollens will experience symptoms High: Most individuals with any sensitivity to these pollens will experience symptoms. Very High: Almost all individuals with any sensitivity at all to these pollens will experience symptoms. Extremely sensitive people could have severe problems.